‘Love, Victor’ Star Michael Cimino Gets Nominated for Best Actor

Michael Cimino recently shared a post announcing that he is nominated for Best Actor in a TV Comedy at the 37th Imagen Awards for his role in the teen comedy drama ‘Love, Victor.’


The series was released in 2020, and it aired until June of this year with a total of 3 seasons and 28 episodes. And although viewers of ‘Love, Victor’ are sad to let go of Cimino’s Victor Salazar character, he certainly knows how to mend that by serving thirst traps on his Instagram account.

In fact, his most recent one is a series of photos of him in a bathtub, obviously bathing in the bubbly water, with the sun gleaming on his beautiful face and the rest of his sexy physique. Yet again, the 22-year-old actor proves that he knows his followers well as he is consistent at posting photos that leave people thirsting for more.


Contrary to the sensual pictures, Cimino captioned his post with a hint of childhood innocence writing:

“Anyone else still play w action figures in the tub?”


And of course, Twitter is now flooded with thirst tweets for the actor because where else would they vent out all the feels?


Furthermore, Cimino is also one of the narrators in the audiobook Daniel X: Genesis created by bestselling author James Patterson and writer and producer Aaron Tracy. That being said, if you miss seeing him on TV, you could at least hear his animated voice while listening to the story.

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