Low prices equals high heels and booty shorts?

Just some Sunday morning viewing to put a smile on your face.



I've watched this about 4 times straight already.  No, it doesn't push any gay agenda or hold us back either and if you think it does, well it doesn't.  We have to have some fun once in a while and this is not at our expense.  It's just some runway strutting realness about a normal Joe, or Dave in this case, that saved money on his insurance and is gosh darn happy about it. And with the Pussycat Dolls as the soundtrack to his happiness, it's a winner.   If I could do high heels, I'd rock out the denim shorts, too.  Enjoy!


And if you want more LGBT commercials that have been released over the past year, go to LOGO and see their ranking of the best 2014 offerings.  Do you have one that didn't make their list?





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