Luca Guadagnino In Talks For A New HBO Series

Luca Guadagnino at Berlinale 2017 / Image via Wikimedia Commons

Luca Guadagnino is working on a new series for HBO and it may involve an LGBTQ military family.

It’s already confirmed that Guadagnino is working on a new HBO project before working on a sequel to Call Me By Your Name. That said, a source for the Observer has leaked what that project may be.


According to the Observer, Luca Guadagnino is in talks with HBO to create a coming of age story focusing on military families in Italy. Guadagnino would direct the first two episodes and the season finale. In addition, he would write the script with Paolo Giordano and Francesca Manier.

The hour long drama made up of eight episodes is currently being called We Are Who We Are. The project would follow 14-year-old teenagers Fraser Wilson and Caitlin Harper.

“Call Me By Your Name” cast and crew at Berlinale 2017 / Image via Wikimedia Commons

Caitlin Harper is the child of a military family who’s tough-as-nails but still figuring life, and herself, out. Meanwhile, Fraser is struggling with his sense of self and sexuality.


The show starts with Fraser moving to an Italian military base with his colonel mother and her wife. Not only must he adjust to his new surroundings and friends, but he also has to deal with the loss of his former friend Mark (and the feelings that were developing for him).

Again, all of this comes from a source for The Observer so details, big and small, for the drama may change before reaching our screens. The production for the show is expected to start in May and continue into the fall, so we still have time to wait.

If you want to read more about this potential HBO series, you can head over to The Observer.

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