Luca Guadagnino Spills the Tea on ‘Queer’s Sex Scenes

Director Luca Guadagnino recently spilled the tea on his upcoming film ‘Queer’, which is reportedly three hours long and is starring Daniel Craig and Drew Starkey.

In an interview with Cinecittà, the 52-year-old Italian filmmaker expressed:

“Queer will be my most personal film. It’s a tribute to Powell and Pressburger.”


“I’ve seen The Red Shoes at least 50 times, and I think they would appreciate the sex scenes in Queer, which are numerous and quite scandalous,” he further revealed.

‘Queer’ is a film adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ short novel of the same name. Craig is portraying the character of Lee, “a man who travels to Mexico City to escape his drug-fueled life in New Orleans, Louisiana,” as per Gay Times.


Meanwhile, Starkey is playing the role of a “young American Navy serviceman” named Allerton, who is suffering with drug addiction. Moreover, a synopsis of ‘Queer’ via Cinema Blend reads:

“Queer follows the story of Lee, a man who recounts his life living in Mexico, working part-time jobs, and using his GI Bill benefits to survive. However, while there, he becomes enamored with Allerton, a young drug addict (according to a Variety article), and an intense and tumultuous love story between the two starts.”


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