Lucy Liu Paints Erotic Lesbian Scenes

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Former Charlie’s Angel, Lucy Liu, Shines As An Artist Of… Erotic Lesbian Portraits

You may be familiar with Lucy Liu from her work in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill, but who would have guessed that one of the most recognized, beautiful Asian actresses to exist is a painter… of erotic lesbian artwork.

According to The Cut, Lucy Liu has been showcasing her artwork since, get this… 1993! I was only two-years-old, so I’m not judging myself too harshly for being misinformed. While she has experience in collages, paintings, and ink drawings, her latest work that is getting attention are portraits of women intertwined in sexual situations.

According to Artsy, Liu proclaims she was a “latchkey kid” and discovering art was a nurturing feeling. She wishes for her artwork to impact her audience and they will experience change. Liu told:

“I’m sure the audience, at least at some point in their life, sees something that almost changes them on a cellular level, where your chemistry feels like it’s different. When that happens, it’s such an inspiration, and it’s such a significant moment. It spurs you to be somebody different or more than you are already. [It] spurs you to do something different.”

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Liu’s artwork, including more lesbian imagery, on her website here. The holidays are approaching and this very well could be the missing piece in your best gal pal’s living room.

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