Lukas Gage Calls Out Rude Hollywood Director

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While Auditioning Remotely, A Hollywood Director Rudely Commented On Gage’s Living Situation

Taking remote video calls from home amid the pandemic is a bit too personal, right? We’ve seen plenty of videos where there have been real-life bloopers: Kids barging into conference calls, spouses unknowingly walking in a shot, kids saying the darndest things, pets running amuck… and let’s not forget a particular CNN anchor who failed to turn his camera off before he started to pleasure himself. Not only are remote video calls the chance for hilarity or horror, but the privacy of your home no longer really exists. For those of us in big homes, it’s fun to showcase – those of us in small apartments however, where are living room and bedroom come as a package duo, it becomes a little weird. Welcome to our regular lives, boss, right? It’s likely a lot of us can relate. We’re judged, but usually those opinions don’t leave the kitchen table… unless you’re caught ranting unmuted!


Rising actor, Lukas Gage, got quite a bit of tea during a remote acting audition. Gage, who held a recurring role in Euphoria, American Vandal, and appeared in the horror-comedy, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, was left in an awkward situation when a director he was auditioning for was disgusted by his apartment. Smiley and adorable Gage took the insults well, but that doesn’t make the scene any less icky. The unconfirmed director (more on him in a minute) said on the recorded video: “These poor people live in these tiny apartments. I look in the background and he has his TV and—” Gage cuts the director off right away, saying the director is not muted and he apologizes for living in a 4×4 apartment and he needs the acting job to get a better one. The director gracefully apologizes, claiming he is mortified. Check out their exchange below:

While Twitter is toxic in a lot of ways, they definitely get down to business when it comes to cancel culture. Rumor has it that the rude director is London’s acclaimed Matthew Vaughn, the husband of supermodel Claudia Schiffer. Vaughn is the director of the Kingsman: The Secret Service franchise and is likely seeking roles for the prequel set to be released next year, The King’s Man. One can easily take Vaughn’s comments as someone who is ignorant and wealthy, not knowing what it’s like to be on the rise in your career- but a quick search leads us to know he is a friend and colleague of the dishonorable and deplorable X-Men film series director, Bryan Singer, as they have worked together on the franchise. We already know way too much about Singer’s past allegations of abuse towards aspiring gay Hollywood youth, so this may not sit well with a handful of people in the long run. BUT, it is important to note it is not confirmed is Vaughn was indeed the culprit, but it won’t be long before we have that clarity.

Since Gage posted the video to his social media, it’s likely he won’t get the role – but with social media now standing behind him, we can almost guarantee good things are in store for his future.

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