Lukas Gage Goes Deep On That Much Talked About “White Lotus” Scene

Without a doubt, The White Lotus provided twists, turns, and yet another show-stopping turn by Jennifer Coolidge (this time as the wealthy and bereft camp character archetype,Tanya McQuid). It also provided an LGBTQ through-line in the form of White Lotus manager Armond (Murray Bartlett), who experienced an unexpected and drug-fueled binge with his subordinate Dillon (Lukas Gage), culminating with an ass-eating moment that shocked fans (and Armond’s colleague and a guest who unexpectedly witnessed the moment). Now, Lukas Gage feels that the unexpected salad-tossing is something that we should quite possibly see more of on television. 


When he recently appeared on Andy Cohen Live, Cohen let Gage know that everyone was “all aflutter” from this now notorious scene. Gage recalled speaking with Murray Bartlett (who he commended as one of the “best actors and best people I’ve ever met in my life”) and that the sex they have seen people previously have for shock value is simply, not that shocking. “Ass eating is little bit more niche” Gage plainly said “and we need to bring it back”.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Gage told host Andy Cohen very plainly “I thought we should normalize rimming. I think that ass eating needs to be talked about more. In the script it was ‘sex’, and we’ve seen sex on TV. Let’s have some ass eating”. Gage also revealed that in the initial draft, he and Bartlett were supposed to be having full-on sex, and he and Bartlett both thought they could get a little bit more creative daring. Gage went on to say “We said, ‘Wouldn’t it be more interesting if [Dillon’s] getting his salad tossed? I mean, how often do we see that on TV?’ I think it’s much more interesting and more jarring to walk in on”. Thankfully, White Lotus series creator Mike White was totally on-board, which resulted in one of the most buzzed-about television-and sexually groundbreaking-moments on television in 2020. 

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4 thoughts on “Lukas Gage Goes Deep On That Much Talked About “White Lotus” Scene”

  1. Bull shit Euphoria’s scene was not way better it was 2 seconds, and it was a barrier there.. at least with white lotus we saw both actors and he wasnt in the lower back it was rubbing his mouth and face on the ass. I dont know what you were watching

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  3. Are you kidding? Least believable sex scene I’ve ever seen, looks so awkward. He’s basically standing straight up and the guys face is sorta in his lower back area. Face isn’t even between he cheeks! Euphoria did it way much better.


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