Lukas Gage Spills the Tea on His Mom’s Reaction to His Sex Scenes!

Lukas Gage has done some very kinky sex scenes, which we’re definitely not complaining about, TBH. From his famous ‘The White Lotus’ scene, to his more recent golden shower moment in ‘You,’ he just spilled the tea on how his mom reacted to them…

(c) Instagram: @lukasgage

“She says, ‘That’s a great ass. Get that money. Get that bag and be committed.’ My mom’s cool. She’s like a cool little hippie lady. With nudity, I think we both share sort of a European vibe,” the 27-year-old actor revealed in an interview with Variety.


Gage also shared that he has gotten some messages from fans, expressing their gratitude for showing kinks onscreen, which are frowned upon by some people.

“We have a couple people from the golden shower community that are very grateful that it’s being shown on screen, and they have some haters who are yucking some people’s yum,” he stated.

The actor also noted the importance of doing kinky scenes, which aims to make people “embrace all their kinks.”

“Everyone should feel heard and feel seen. I never wanted to make anyone feel scrutinized or like the butt of the joke. I just believe that everyone should embrace all their kinks and everything that they love about themselves and not feel ashamed,” Gage expressed.


Moreover, he co-wrote and starred alongside Zachary Quinto in the gay comedy film ‘Down Low,’ which premiered on March 11. The actor shared his hopes for people after seeing the feature, stating:

“My hope is that they feel seen and they don’t feel judged and they feel like it’s a space of sex positivity and sexual identity positivity. For me, that movie is really a story about selfishness versus selflessness and embracing one’s true self before it’s too late.”


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