‘Shadowhunters’ Actor Luke Baines Came Out

Image via Freeform

Good for Luke Baines.

Luke Baines, who’s most known for his role on the Freeform show Shadowhunters, came out in a heartfelt post on Instagram. The English-Australian actor, who played Jonathan Morgenstern in the show, posted two black and white pictures in the Instagram update. One picture shows a concrete floor with the words “F*ck, I think I love you” written on it. You can also see two shadows holding hands in the first photo. Meanwhile, the second photo shows a woman’s hand holding a piece of paper that says, “You are perfect to me.”


To caption the pictures, Luke Baines wrote, “I’ve been lucky enough to have been in love twice – the first with a woman, the second with a man. Label that however you like, but all I know is that… love is love. Happy pride!”

In response to his coming out, several of Baines’ fans sent words of love and support in the comments of the post.


“Happy pride my love sending so much love to you! We got one more beautiful soul in our colourful community and I couldn’t be prouder.”

“Okay, I am cryin over this,” wrote another fan. “The fact that one of my fav actor is LGBTQ+, I am goin to cry, bc ur such a inspiration to me [sic].”


Several of Luke Baines’ co-stars also responded with support.

Dominic Sherwood, who played Jace Wayland, shared the message, “So proud of you, brother!! Happy Pride. Love you.”

Alberto Rosende, who played Simon Lewis, wrote, “So happy for you buddy! Happy Pride!”

Meanwhile, Sydney Meyer, who played Helen Blackthorn, commented, “Happy Pride, you beautiful human! So very happy for you and proud of you. Lucky to know your beautiful heart.”

Again, congratulations and thank you to Luke Baines for sharing your truth.

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