Luke Evans Is Aging Like Fine Wine at 45 and We’re Here for It!

Luke Evans celebrated his 45th birthday on Monday, and his followers received one update after another, including a shirtless pic of him at the beach.

First off, the Welsh actor and singer shared a photo of him wearing a red, brown and white plaid button down shirt in what seems to be a restaurant. On the caption, he simply wrote: “45” with a balloon emoji.


Meanwhile, his fashion brand BDXY’s Instagram account also posted a shirtless beach pic of him sporting a pair of black swim shorts. The brand’s caption reads:

“Happy Birthday to our founder, @thereallukeevans 

Since our launch, Luke has helped guide us, turning his vision of BDXY into reality. His leadership and creativity are inspiring and we can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Cheers to Luke and a year filled with groundbreaking achievements! #BDXY”

You can see Evans looking V sexy at the beach here:


More recently, the ‘Good Grief’ actor is on the cover of Men’s Health España, and he also did an interview where he talked about how he feels turning 45.

“I look at today’s photos and I’m happy. At 45, I’m already middle-aged, that’s what they call it, right? I feel good. I could be better. I look in the mirror and think about training more, drinking less beer… but life is not that simple,” he expressed.


You can check out the HOT AF video clip from Evans’ Men’s Health España photoshoot here:


3 thoughts on “Luke Evans Is Aging Like Fine Wine at 45 and We’re Here for It!”

  1. Luke is absolutely amazing! I wish I was 25 years younger then I might have become his Super Fan (not stalker) and would have gone to all his shows! He’s so my type of man – I’m so jealous 😉😍🥰😘🙋🏻‍♂️❤️👍🤙🏼🤟☀️

  2. I have never gotten the attraction to him. Don’t find him appealing in the least. Guess it’s a case of “different strokes…”


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