Luke Evans Teases on His Upcoming Film ‘Good Grief’ with Dan Levy

Luke Evans and Dan Levy are starring in an upcoming film ‘Good Grief,’ which is also written by the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ actor.

In a recent interview with Attitude, the 43-year-old Welsh actor and singer teased about the movie in question, wherein he played the role of Levy’s on-screen husband.


“I just played Dan Levy’s on-screen husband in a beautiful film he’s written called Good Grief, which they’re still shooting right now. But I’ve wrapped up my part, and loved every second of it. It’s been an absolute joy,” he expressed.

Evans also shared that he “just shot [two films and one TV show] and played gay in each of them.” He was referring to his miniseries with Nicole Kidman titled ‘Nine Perfect Strangers,’ his upcoming film ‘Our Son’ with Billy Porter, and of course, ‘Good Grief.’

The actor further stated,


“I hope that one of these films, if not both of them, land well and people enjoy the story we’re telling.”

“It’s been very nice to actually finally find a real strong gay role in a gay story that I wanted to dig my teeth into. And I definitely found that this year, weirdly,” he added.


Moreover, Levy previously described his upcoming film with Evans on social media stating that ‘Good Grief’ is…

“A cautionary tale about friendship and loss and all the mess that comes with it when the truth is something you’ve evaded for most of your life.

It’s funny, it’s bittersweet, it’s a project that has helped me work through my own grief. And I hope it does the same for other people as well.”


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