Luke Macfarlane Talks About ‘Bros’ and Accepting Gay Roles

Luke Macfarlane is starring in an upcoming Universal Pictures film entitled ‘Bros,’ which is the first gay rom-com from a major Hollywood studio.

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The movie will tell the story of Aaron (Macfarlane) and Bobby Lieber (Billy Eichner), and how the two of them figure out their compatibility with one another. ‘Bros’ is directed by Nicholas Stoller, and it is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on September 30.


In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Macfarlane opened up about his experience after coming out as gay in 2008. 

“I can literally remember an agent once saying to me, ‘Superman can’t be gay’—like just straight out,” the 42-year-old actor revealed.

He also continued by admitting about feeling frustrated at times stating,


“seeing other actors and straight guys my age—and I never want to make it about that, but—thinking, Why are they getting [the parts]? Why am I not getting them?”

Furthermore, Macfarlane took on the role of an openly gay man named James in the 2021 Netflix film entitled ‘Single All the Way.’ And to that, he revealed that the bosses behind Hallmark and ‘Bros’ were not happy with his decision.


Despite that, the actor has his heart set on the role, which is why he ended up going for it.

“I had to say yes because there is a part of me that goes, ‘I’ve done a lot of these Hallmark movies where I play a straight man. I’d like to tip the hat to something,'” Macfarlane expressed.


3 thoughts on “Luke Macfarlane Talks About ‘Bros’ and Accepting Gay Roles”

  1. Superman can be gay and hairy – how about a muscle bear superman LOL

    Luke would make a great superman (hopes that the costume is just tiny red thong/g-string an the cape

    love him in Kill Joys along with Aaron Ashmore and Hannah John-Kaman. always wanted a gay episode where D’avin & Johnny (brothers in the series) kept ending up in naked in bed together, not sure why or what had happened (there was always the ‘did we just…..?’ ‘we’re BROTHERS’ and then that look of so! from them both) and all Dutch kept seeing is one of them sneaking back his own room or asking if one had seen the other when he was ‘hiding’ naked in the room
    could have been funny if they could have gotten Shawn Ashmore in there too (cameo) with Dutch saying, often, not three of them and Lucy agreeing LOL

  2. It’s a shame he didn’t get more ‘leads’ and it doesn’t sound like he’s doing himself any favors with Hallmark based on his comments, but I like what I’ve seen of Kill Joys and hope he would get more work like that. He’s far too hot to take seriously as Eichner’s love interest and while Billy might have been fine to write it, he was the wrong guy to build this movie around. People will accept a schlub like Seth Rogan with a somewhat hot girl like Rose Byrne but those movie aren’t huge hits and even if I might go to see Bros in theaters, I doubt this was the casting to hope a national gay movie, or major picture leading men who are openly gay or anything like that will come of that. And before people say I’m slagging on Eichner, Luke was far too hot for Michael Urie, too.


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