Luke Macfarlane Talks About ‘Bros’ Sex Scene and Being on Grindr

Luke Macfarlane is starring alongside Billy Eichner in an upcoming gay rom-com entitled ‘Bros,’ and he revealed a little something about their sex scene in an interview with Variety.

The two actors have a couple of very nude sex scenes in the film, and all of it were discussed and carefully choreographed by an LGBTQ intimacy coordinator. One scene that was briefly shown in the trailer is of them playfully wrestling in Central Park, which then leads to a hot sex scene in the bedroom.

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Macfarlane shared a behind-the-scenes moment from the steamy scene with Eichner saying,

“I think there was a moment when Billy was like, ‘Should we spit on each other?’ I was like, ‘Nope.'”

In the movie, Macfarlane plays the role of Aaron while Eichner takes on the role of Bobby Lieber. ‘Bros’ revolves around the story of how the two of them will figure out their compatibility with one another.

Speaking of their characters, Aaron (Macfarlane) and Bobby (Eichner) spend a lot of their time on Grindr, and during his interview with Variety, Macfarlane admitted that he has been on the gay hookup site himself. He also added that “It’s all very scary.”


The 42-year-old actor came out as gay in 2008, and during that time he recalled,

“There were not a lot of people that had come out at that point. It was before Neil Patrick Harris. It was before Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer.”


Going back to his upcoming film, ‘Bros’ is directed by British-American filmmaker Nicholas Stoller, and it is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on September 30.


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  1. I will never understand the appeal of spitting on each other at all. Glad he said no. I will be seeing this on opening day with six other gay friends to support a gay movie!


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