Lukesavant Has Been Remixing The Queen Of Pop For 20 Years

Lukesavant of Madonna Remixers United chats on his new collection of Madonna remixes comprised of her "Confessions On A Dance Floor" album
Channing Luke-Silver (aka Lukesavant) of Madonna Remixers United (courtesy photo)

Channing Luke-Silver, or as he’s known in the remixing world – Lukesavant – recently chatted with Instinct Magazine about his new collection of remixes comprised of the 2005 Madonna album, Confessions On A Dance Floor.

Who doesn’t love a great remix? And one of the surest ways to fill a dance floor at a gay nightclub is to fire up a remix of a banging Madonna track.


Lukesavant has been remixing Madonna’s music for nearly 20 years. In fact, he heads up a group known as Madonna Remixers United which is the internet’s #1 source for underground/unofficial Madonna remixes and remix videos.

The group’s Facebook page is liked by 280,000+ people and followed by another 270,000+ fans.


When asked “Why remix Madonna?,” the veteran remixer notes that Madge herself is releasing 50 remixes of her top 50 hits. Plus, he points to Sickick’s remix of “Frozen” from 1998’s Ray Of Light that went viral late last year and Madonna herself recently remixed it and re-released it with other guest vocals.

Plus, there’s the aspect of exploring one’s own creativity. “If I personally ignite that fire in a fan to learn more, and listen to M on repeat, then I’ve done my job.”

The Madonna Remixers United team has definitely been noticed by the Queen of pop. In fact, one of their remixes of “Like A Virgin” was used on tour in 2015 every night.

Created under a Creative Commons license, the remixes aren’t sold but are streamed via the group’s Soundcloud account and on the official website.


Hit play below as I chat with Lukesavant about the creative process in approaching a new remix, how the techniques of remixing has changed over the years, why the gays love Madonna and more. Along the way, we take a listen to two tracks from his new collection.

For more information about Lukesavant and the group, head over to the official website

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  1. I prefer Madonna remixe, except for teh recent stuff. That I dn’t want to her again under any circumstances.


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