Luv Parts Is Postmates For Sex Toys!

Luv Parts Is Postmates For Sex Toys!


How Has No One Thought Of This Before?!

#InstinctAfterDark! Ahh, yes. This is just another one of my carefree – or careless – posts to keep your panties wet late at night. With modern technology, we can seemingly get anything we desire with a simple swipe and tap of our thumbs. Our mobile devices may have made us lazy, but damn it, I'll take convenience over about anything. I can sit here and list anything I can get instantly thanks to my smart phone. Sex? There's an app for that? Taco Bell when you're dying of a hangover on a Sunday? Yep, you can easily get that within an hour – delivered right to your door. Hell, you can even get someone to walk your dog if you're running late from work! Literally, we've thought of everything. That is until I realized, umm, what if I have someone coming over in twenty minutes and I ran out of a necessity for the dirty deed? Hmm…

Well, it turns out that there's also an app for that! Okay, so I'm absolutely bored out of my mind the other weekend on a Friday night. Through endless conversation – trust me, I'm more of a tease than anything; I don't like meeting anyone from the internet without heavy investigation – I was informed of a way that I could get that silicone lube I was demanding. Wait, what – how? It was late and I'm not about to venture to a sex store. Turns out thanks to LuvParts, you can get any type of sex toy you want with a snap of your fingers. Unfortunately, they only serve Southern California…but luckily, that's where I live! Essentially the Postmates (food delivery service) for your sexual wants. I took advantage of the service and got a sensual candle, because I might as well be an old ass lady, among some other little gifts I won't share with you just yet. It sounds like an idea so simple, yet someone is capitalizing on it. I'm pretty certain this may be my new weekend job…

You can check out their website and browse what you may need now here

Note: This is not a paid advertisement, I genuinely love the service and am so surprised this app hasn't come out yet!

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