Lyft Users Can Now Add Their Preferred Pronouns to App

Great news from the world of ride sharing! Lyft has just announced that users are now able to add their preferred pronouns to their accounts so drivers know how to address them. In today’s world, and with so many possible identities, it’s important not to assume to know someone by their physical appearance. So this new feature on the Lyft app is a great way to show how the company is committed LGBTQ+ equality and supports all expressions of gender identity.

If you’re a Lyft user, here’s how you can add your pronoun:

  • In the menu, tap view profile
  • Tap Personal Info
  • Select your pronouns
  • Then tap Save


Lyft has also partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality to assist Lyft drivers in changing their names and gender designation on their driver’s license. This is important since the process for transgender drivers is so complex and varies by state. Transgender and non-binary drivers who have completed more than 100 rides through Lyft will qualify for multiple hours of one-on-one advising from NCTE in addition to receiving $200 for financial assistance to help with the cost of the name change. Lyft asserts that the 100 ride designation has been set in place to assure they are working with dedicated Lyft drivers.


Unlike other companies, Lyft also demonstrates exceptional commitment to equality for the LGBT+ community within the workplace. Their Gender Inclusion & Affirmation Policy can be a model for other companies seeking to initiate such practices in the workplace. Their employee resource group, LyftOUT, gives comprehensive protections and benefits for Lyft employees.

As we head into LGBTQ+ Pride month, be conscious of how you get from place to place and consider supporting businesses who, in turn, support you.

Source: Lyft

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