Mad Dad Sends Hitman To Break Gay Surgeon Son’s Fingers

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Wow. To be fueled with this kind of hate….

A man in Italy has been sentenced to two years in prison after hiring a hitman to break his gay son’s fingers. As Italian news source La Repubblica reports, the unnamed 75-year-old Italian man saw pictures in 2017 of his son, a surgeon living in Turin, with a male actor. The man then hired two men to attack the actor earlier this year, which led to the actor being hospitalized. The gay couple then lived in fear of another assault. That led to the son changing his home’s locks multiple times and only leaving his home if the couple were with friends.


Things got worse, however, when the father hired a Romanian hitman to break his son’s hands. In doing so, the father was hoping to ruin his son’s career.

“My son is a thug. Break his fingers,” the father allegedly told the hitman before paying him €2,500 (approximately $3,000).

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According to Newsweek, this isn’t the Italian man’s first run-in with the law. He was also accused of assaulting his wife, with whom he’d been separated after 40 years of marriage. The son’s intervention in a physical fight between the parents also fueled the father’s rage. At the time, the father filed a police complaint against his son in an attempt to appear as the victim.


According to the prosecution in the case of assault and harassment, the mother and son had developed a “well-founded fear for their safety and that of the people connected to them, forcing them to alter their habits.”

Again, the father has now been sent to jail for two years. He was charged with aggravated assault and stalking. As LGBTQ rights group Arcigay Torino said about the case “Arcigay Torino expresses solidarity with the victim: no person should live in fear because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Precisely for this reason, we underline the importance of a law that will protect LGBTQIA+ people from such abuses.”

Source: La Repubblica,  Newsweek,

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