Madison Cawthorn & His Male “Scheduler” Are Shown Canoodling on Video

A week after North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn was revealed to have cavorted in women’s clothing (and caught on camera) and days after he was caught (once again) with a loaded weapon in a North Carolina airport, the freshman Congressman’s week just got significantly worse. Several days ago, an ethics complaint was filed against Cawthorn, stating that he had “not properly filed House financial disclosures regarding gifts and loans to Mr. Stephen L. Smith” (a young man who works as Cawthorn’s scheduler, and according to the complaint, currently lives with Cawthorn). Following the filing of the complaint, a video was posted onto’s Twitter account (below) showing Cawthorn saying “I feel the passion and desire, and would like to see a naked body beneath my hands,” Cawthorn says. The man filming the video then says “Me too. I’d like to see that as well” while turning the camera on himself. Cawthorn is shown laughing, and the other man then films himself putting his hand on the lawmaker’s groin.

Photo Courtesy-Facebook/Official Ethics Complaint

The ethics complaint against Congressman Cawthorn is bringing forth one crucial question; who exactly is Stephen Smith? Officially Cawthorn’s “scheduler”, Smith is alleged to have lived with Cawthorn since he initially took office. The filing also states that the men have a “personal relationship between them, separate and apart from the professional relationship of employer and employee”. The two are so close that that Smith has joined Cawthorn and his wife on a 2021 trip to Dubai. Business Insider reports that a Cawthorn rep is calling the complaint against Cawthorn “ridiculous.” “Stephen is his cousin — they’re family”. The rep went on to say “The PAC that filed the complaint did no research.” A 2017 deposition does reference Smith as Cawthorn’s “third cousin once removed,” indicating that Smith was at the time working as a “hospitality professional” at Chick-fil-A, and living with Cawthorn. (Cawthorn and his wife announced plans to divorce a short eight months following the wedding). 


Cawthorn’s response to both the accusation and the filing has been predictably, voracious. Cawthorn released a detailed video on Instagram, saying in part that the recent accusations have been “ridiculous, salacious lies.” He went on to say that “We’re starting to see this coordinated drip campaign. … It’s where they’re going to drop an attack article every one or two days just to try to kill us with death by 1,000 cuts, and that is really their main strategy,” he emphatically stated, brushing off the “political shenanigans” and going on to say that he is “very confident” his reelection campaign will ultimately, be successful.

23 thoughts on “Madison Cawthorn & His Male “Scheduler” Are Shown Canoodling on Video”

  1. Obviously it is difficult to be gay while pretending to be straight. Just get out of the closet and be proud of your homosexuality. Apparently Donald Trump knows at least one gay man.

  2. Doesn’t matter what his sexual identity is. But act like an adult and have some class.

    It’s sad that he was given an opportunity to make a difference and contribute and blew it being immaturity and no self pride.

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  4. Focus on what he has and can contribute to his residents.
    His sexuality and leisure fun are not relevant to his work as s congressman.

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  6. Cawthorn has done much to advance the acceptance of disabled individuals as equals in society; he’s shown that, at least as politicians, they can be equally slimey, lying, a$$holes.

    • as a disabled person, i would say he has opened the door for many to join republican congress. he clearly has learned to lie, cheat, steal, and do sex videos. he makes me so proud to use him to show my family what a republican is. Your rt. A$$HOLES.
      Bravo, John

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  8. It wouldn’t be the first time a closeted guy got married to hide his feelings, if he is gay I honestly hope he can find peace and happiness with it, and become a better person in the process.

  9. Gay, straight, whatever. Cawthorn’s sexuality is NOTHING compared to his reprehensible record as a human being. May he live the life he deserves.


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