Madonna Calls Andy Cohen a “Troublemaking Queen” During Concert

Madonna recently had her Celebration tour in New York City, and she had quite a lot of things to say to one person in the crowd, which happens to be Andy Cohen…

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During her concert on Saturday, the 65-year-old Queen of Pop told Cohen:


“How f**king lucky am I, Andy?”

She was onstage and in front of the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ host, and continued to playfully call him out while holding a bottle.

“If you say one more bad thing about me on your show. Oh yeah, you’re gonna be in so much trouble. You little troublemaking queen!!,” Madonna told Cohen.

Meanwhile, the 55-year-old TV presenter seemed to be enjoying every moment of it, as he was all smiles. In fact, he even mouthed an “I love you” to the Queen of Pop. Thereafter, Cohen shared his concert experience via an Instagram post, writing:


“I’m a life-long Madonna fan, so it’s a thrill and an honor to be called a “troublemaking queen” by the Queen of Troublemaking. I BOW! Also – go see the new tour. It blew me away!! What a great night. Can’t wait to go back. #TroublemakingQueen”

You can watch how Madonna playfully scolded him here:

Right before 2023 ends, we got to witness the “Queen of Troublemaking” amusingly calling out the “troublemaking queen”!


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