Madonna Defies Age With A Hot New Pic That Blew Up Twitter

Madonna is up to her usual antics again! When I say, “again,” I just mean living her best life at 62 years old and posting near-naked selfies of herself on Twitter. This time though, the eternal material girl’s naked body wasn’t the center of the discussions. Most comments about her body were positive, with many calling out that all her years of dancing and committing to fitness have kept her in great shape.


As for the other comments, people had a lot to say about what appeared to be Madonna’s freshly plumped face, that on the one hand, made her look far younger than her 62 years. I assume was the objective. However, as many pointed out, whatever Madge has done to her face lately, has also given her somewhat of an unmistakable “Miley Cyrus” look. 

There was no shortage of vitriol against the Queen Mother of Pop Music, as Facebook followers shared the image, some posting  comments like “Why Madonna Why?” referring to her nudity.


Another Facebook user suggested Madonna should stop “f*cking with her face,”  and another suggested she “age gracefully like Audrey Hepburn.” I pushed back that there is no guideline for what is or is not considered “graceful,” and Audrey Hepburn was a product of her own unique style just as millions of women have their individual identities; the same goes for Madonna. She is and always will be her own invention.

Twitter user @BoomboxGrc retweeted the post and added a montage of some of Madge’s past provocative moments, along with the aded the caption, “She still has the power to upset people.”


DC-based hair artist, Mark Frazer was quick to point out the double standard, between men and women when it comes to images deemed to be age-inappropriate,

“The human body ages! And from a societal perspective woman of a certain age are no longer able to bear their body’s without public scrutiny. If we were making light of her fashion choices I’d be completely fine with this post however it seems to me to be a direct assault on her showing skin! 

Kevin from Florida shared that Madonna’s body and nudity were not the issues that faced scrutiny, but rather it was solely her peculiar “new” face,

“It’s not her body. It the plastic surgery that makes her look like a different person. I thought of all people she wouldn’t do what some female Hollywood celebrities do, and regret afterward. Now she can never work as an actress because she has no life history on her face. And believe me, M does care what people think of her, or else why the fake face?


Personally, I think Madonna looks terrific, and she is rocking a body that puts women half her age to shame. Barba Men’s Grooming Spa owner Xavier Cruz shares that sentiment, as he points out, 

“No makeup and look at that body. I know thirty-somethings that don’t look as good as her. But let the bitches bash her. Jealous much?”

Cruz also calls out the hypocrisy specifically among gay men, many of whom continuously bash Madonna for not being age-appropriate. Yet, these same guys respond positively to posts of half-naked men who are Madonna’s age and older, 

“What I find amazing is that a guy at 62 can post a half-naked picture on FB with a steroid body and others are like, wow!! You look so good, yummm, so sexy, woof! Etc. but Madonna, who looks amazing by the way, and guys are like, look at that hag, why doesn’t she give it up? She’s trying to look young, blah blah f-cking blah. Such hypocrites.”


Gorgeous Hollywood model and actress Cassandra Crass sums it perfectly, 

She looks amazing… People need to step back and just respect that this woman has created a musical legacy on her own terms and continues to live any way she wants…long live Madonna!

I couldn’t agree with Cassandra more, long live Madonna! I would only add that there seems to be sadness in Madonna’s face in the notorious Twitter post. She looks a bit down, but then again, she’s also been on crutches for months, so that could be the reason why she doesn’t look too happy.

Alternatively, maybe Madonna’s just mastered her impression of Miley Cyrus’ resting bitch face. If so, yup, I’d say she nailed it!



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