Madonna Gets Accused of Butt Injections Following Stonewall Performance

Poor Madonna can't catch a break.


Trolls questioned if the "Material Girl" got butt injections after clips of her surprise performance at Stonewall Inn were posted online.

Madonna shocked all of New York City when she made an appearance, sang several songs and gave an empowering speech at the iconic gay bar in the early hours of New Year's Day. Stonewall Inn named her an ambassador for their 50th anniversary celebration last month.

She belted out her classic hit "Like a Prayer" and Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" with her adopted son David Banda by her side.

The footage that was posted online was met with confusion by some on social media who took note of her larger than normal booty.


"No shade but WTF" is that and "She's always disrespected by stans but this back curve is ridiculous" were two comments left about her behind. 

See the footage below:

No comments from Madge herself as of yet regarding if she did or didn't enhance her backside. 


2 thoughts on “Madonna Gets Accused of Butt Injections Following Stonewall Performance”

  1.  Why was it necessary to say

     Why was it necessary to say “her ADOPTED son”?   Why not just say, “with her son”?   Would you  have made the distinction in the article “with her biological son” if he had been a biological child?  A child is your child whether they are adopted or biological. 

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