Madonna Has a Neon Light Dance-Off, Talks Barack Obama and ‘Madame X’ With Jimmy Fallon

The Queen of Pop has made a heavily publicized return home. Madonna is back in New York City, promoting her fourteenth studio record Madame X. Her latest stop? 30 Rock to visit Jimmy Fallon on Tonight. As always, the pair had some fun together. 


First off, Madonna and Fallon had a neon-light suit dance-off. Madonna won handily. Then, the pair spoke about Madame X and the time Fallon introduced Madonna to Barack Obama

Madonna appeared in a glittering black and blue dress, with a lace veil reading “Art” draped over her face. She gently mocked Fallon’s pale blue tie. 

I’ll be a little real right now: I find Jimmy Fallon pretty boring. He’s the same yammering “star-struck” host with every guest. You know what was really great? Madonna and David Letterman. Even with the infamous 1994 F-bomb-ridden disastrous appearance–from which they both recovered–there was something really special there. They were very funny. They teased each other (Fallon is too insecure to tease his guests), and there was some genuine mutual respect apparent every time Madonna was Letterman’s show. Those were the days, anyway…

Here’s the neon dance-off. 


And here’s Madonna talking about meeting Obama, and kinda-sorta dissing Fallon to him. 

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