Happy 62nd Birthday Madonna! Her Top 10 Best Singles Revealed

Credit: YouTube

Happy Birthday Madonna! The pop icon officially turned 62 on Sunday, August 16, with millions of her fans around the world wishing her a HBD all over social media.

Regardless of what your opinion is of the Detroit born superstar you have to admit that at least one of her songs have gotten you “Into The Groove” over the years. See what I did there?


She’s been controversial from the very beginning at the way to now, which has pissed off some and given life to many others. No matter what her 30-plus years of music has provided us with an endless amount of feelings that we still happen find ourselves enjoying all this time later.

Entertainment Weekly put out a fascinating list a little while back where they ranked her sixty best singles thus far. We are taking the shorter version of that this go-around by including what they thought are simply her ten best.

Do you agree? What is missing from the top 10 that you think should be there? Let us know below.


10: “Erotica”

9: “Into The Groove”


8: “Justify My Love”

7: “Music”


6: “Vogue”

5: “Ray Of Light”


4: “Express Yourself”

3: “Holiday”


2: “Like A Virgin”

1: “Like A Prayer”

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