Madonna’s MDNA Skin Commercials Are Weird, Wonderful, and Oh-So Madonna

While we wait impatiently for the Queen of Pop’s upcoming 14th studio album, Madonna is keeping us at least a little bit satiated–and certainly entertained–with video advertisements for her MDNA Skin line.

Madge has been all over to promote her highly scientific, mega-expensive products. For instance, last year she serenaded Jimmy Fallon while giving him a clay facial on NBC.

One of the staples of the skincare line is a $600 chrome clay face mask set complete with a magnetic tool that removes the product from your face without rinsing.

Right now, The Queen of Pop is promoting a toning rose mist spray. Something that should surprise no one: the commercials she’s been releasing online are eye-catching, dramatic and theatrical.


In the latest, Madonna delivers a soliloquy about her obsession with roses, cooing, “I want to live in a world of roses,” while serving impressively razor-sharp vogue moves in closeup, then dancing provocatively in a structured outfit that shows off her famously fit bum. 

She then sprays the mist all over herself and looks a little bit like she's climaxing.

Never change, Mom. Please just keep being you.

While we're on this topic, check out the MDNA promo from last year with “The Fat Jew” Josh Ostrovsky.

And for the record, there is a cheaper alternative to that MDNA face mask set, a battery-free option that runs for $200. We try to be helpful. 


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