MAGA Activist Wants Brian Sims To Give A BJ

Brian Sims and boyfriend Brandon McMullin / Images via the Brian Sims Campaign

A right-wing activist and online content creator wants to see Brian Sims suck a dick.

Last week, out Pennsylvanian Representative Brian Sims recorded himself mocking Christian protestors quietly praying in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia. Sims then later apologized after receiving the backlash.

But now, one heckler has turned the conversation into a slightly erotic situation.

Brenden Dilley is a Make America Great Again activist. He is an author, life coach, and creator/host of online talk show The Dilley Show. But now, he’s requesting a very adult video from Sims.

Recently, Dilley posted online that he thinks Sims is lying about being gay. So, he wants evidence.

“This dude’s not f**king gay. Sims doesn’t like the dick. The rumor in Pennsylvania is that Sims pretends to be gay because it provides coverage for his behavior. Because he knows that anybody who goes against him can be accused of being called a bigot… I don’t think he’s gay and I think we need to prove it. Sims, you wanted to bring the fucking heat on yourself. The attention. Here’s your homework. Find me Sims’ girlfriend. This dude is not gay. I’m telling you. I’m telling you. We should fucking demand to see him suck a dick before we believe he’s gay.”

Now, of course, this is the kind of stupid ranting that makes funny news. Should we always give a platform to homophobes? No. But, when they ask ridiculous things like this, it’ll at least give us all a laugh.

While we can’t find a “girlfriend” to share with you all. We can easily find a boyfriend. In fact, Brian Sims included his boyfriend Brandon McMullin in campaign photos last year. The two can be seen holding hands, embracing, and kissing. This photoshoot is also where the iconic middle-finger picture came from.

Brian Sims and boyfriend Brandon McMullin / Images via the Brian Sims Campaign
Brian Sims and boyfriend Brandon McMullin / Images via the Brian Sims Campaign

We know these photos aren’t exactly the blow job pic/clip that Brenden Dilley is looking for. But we hope they’ll suffice. If not, we’ll make sure to be on the lookout for “the real deal.”

2 thoughts on “MAGA Activist Wants Brian Sims To Give A BJ”

  1. I’m sorry but I have NEVER seen anyone use the I’m-Only-Pretending-To-Be-Gay-To-Get-Ahead-In-Life closet. Outside of sitcom’s and plot point devices, this does not happen in the real world. If this did, then there would not be any closeted celebrities, now would there be?

  2. Male-male cock-sucking must turn Brenden Dilley on. Come out, come out, where ever you are Dilley! Here kitty kitty!


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