Magic Johnson Announced He Was HIV Positive On This Day In 1991

26 years ago, Magic Johnson announced he was HIV+ and retiring from basketball. This was still a time of panic around the virus as the AIDS epidemic had reached its height in the 80’s.


It was seen as a death sentence then.



But science and health care have advanced. Magic Johnson is doing better than ever and so are many people who are HIV+.

Today we have access to PrEP, which blocks people without the infection of getting it. The CDC has announced that an undetectable viral load cannot transmit the virus. And researchers still continue to look for a cure.

While new HIV infections are down, according to the CDC, it is still a problem.

Also, there is still plenty of stigma around the disease. Hopefully as more people become educated we will continue to reduce the stigma.

Remember to play safe and get tested often.  

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