Magic Mike Brought Male Revue Back to the Limelight

Magic Mike 3, yeah, I’m sure we’re a little excited about it.


Channing Tatum’s 2012 hit movie performed much better than anyone expected. Its ticket sales were so engorged that it warranted a sequel in 2015, and a third installment in the saga was recently announced and is in pre-production. It also launched an HB0 Max reality show, Finding Magic Mike, which is currently airing new episodes. Hell, a Broadway play is even in development, and let’s not forget it launched the now iconic strip track, Pony.

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In honor of the upcoming movie, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, I’ve compiled a fun batch of videos for you below. It starts with Channing’s Pony dance from the first film before transitioning to Magic Mike Live’s from around the world. Yes, you can actually see the movie’s choreography in real life, dicks swinging in your face and all. Watch performances from Las Vegas (United States), London, Australia and Berlin.

I’ve also included a tutorial at the end in case you want to embarrass yourself in front of your significant other like I did. 




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