Major League Baseball Pitcher T.J. House Officially Ties the Knot

It’s official! T.J. House is married to partner Ryan Neitzel, and their beautiful wedding ceremony was held on March 29 in New Orleans.

(c) Instagram: @southpaw4625 & @r_neitzel

The couple shared a series of photos from their special day via a joint post on Instagram, and the caption reads:


““It’s that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of love.” 3/29/24”

The first photo shows House and Neitzel in their dashing black and white tuxedos accessorized with floral boutonnieres. Meanwhile the next few pics share a glimpse of significant moments on their wedding day, including the couple and their guests having fun on the street.

(c) Instagram: @southpaw4625 & @r_neitzel

You can see their beautiful wedding post here:


Moreover, House is among the first out gay players in Major League Baseball. He publicly came out as gay on December 8, 2022 via a Facebook post, where he announced his engagement to Neitzel. 

“Love. It’s a simple word, one that carries much weight and meaning. Each of us defines love in a different way, but at the core we all just want to feel the same […] Shame has kept me quiet all these years, but Love has finally set me free,” the former professional baseball pitcher wrote.


You can see his full post here:

Congratulations to the newlyweds T.J. House and Ryan Neitzel! <3


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