Making The World’s First Male Sex Doll


We've done blogs before about sex toys and which ones are recommended for beginners, fun seekers, etc (What Are The Best Sex Toys For Beginners? Here Are The Ones We Liked).  Now we're introduced to one of the biggest, most complete sex toys around.  There's been stories of sex dolls before, but they've always been female. (a very NSFW website) has found that male sex dolls sell just as well.


Female sex dolls have been around in the market for ages, but what about male sex dolls?

Well apparently the popularity of male sex dolls is on the rise as more women today are becoming more open to the idea of liberating and embracing their sexuality on their own terms.  And we ain’t just talking about those inflatable sex toys that are hard and rubbery and make squeaky noises, but hyper-realistic full-sized silicon dolls that are anatomically accurate.

In its new video, VICE delves into the world of silicon sex dolls with Sinthetics, a 5-year-old Los Angeles based company which has been producing custom-made life-like dolls and shipping them to customers from all over the country.

According to Keller, many sex doll buyers came from Texas, Minnesota and Michigan.  "Republican states where you’re not allowed to do naughty things," she told Sciortino.  She added that sales have been so good that now orders for both male dolls and female dolls are on back-order.

And how much would a doll cost?  The owners revealed that a custom head costs a whooping $8000, and that’s not including the body, which will be around $5000. – gives us a tour of where we meet the owners, the male dolls, the process of making them, their appendages, and they even interview one of the doll's owners.

Head over to YouTube for the full video.  We'd post it here, but there's too may penisesseses and the like.  There's some interaction with the female host and her doll at the end as well.



Over at, you'll be able to tour their galleries and see different versions of Gabriel.  One image has the doll fingering his own bum.  Well now!  We were going to reach out to to see if they make the back side as sexually active as the front, but we're a little shy and we're not sure Gabriel will fit in our pleasure cabinet or annual sex toy budget.




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  1. Male sex dolls like these

    Male sex dolls like these have been around since the mid 90's watch the hbo series real sex it's nothing new


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