Malaysia’s Queer Pop Icon Alextbh’s New MV “Walls” Is Seductive And Raw

Malaysia’s first gay icon released a new, sexy track titled “Walls.”


The track, produced by UK artist Maths Time Joy, focuses on a sexual energy, which is heightened by the music video below. Meanwhile, the lyrics hone in on that energy while also expressing Alextbh’s messy but honest thoughts.

“I’m very proud of this song because I didn’t try to structure or rhyme it, as opposed to other songs,” Alextbh told i-D magazine and VICE.

“My mind works in a really pop structured way. But that song, I just spoke my mind…” he added.

You can watch the video below.


22-year-old Alex Bong, aka Alextbh has only been creating music for a few years now. Then a young teen, Alextbh self-taught himself how to produce music through YouTube tutorials and how to upload them onto Soundcloud.

As he told Paper Mag last month:

“alextbh started in 2016, fresh off my first heartbreak. I'm just a little twink trying to get it all together, and I realized music is such a good way for me to have that cathartic release. So I just kept writing and writing and writing and putting stuff on SoundCloud, it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't until I put up the song called "Stoop So Low" that Spotify started recognizing it and started putting it in huge major playlists.”

Since then, he has infiltrated the music scene in Malaysia and is making his way into the Western music scene. On top of that, he has transitioned onto other music sharing websites like Spotify where he has amassed over 15 million streams. He’s done this while acting as one of the first openly gay pop singers in the Eastern World.

We hope to see, and hear, more of him in the future.

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