Male Model’s Hunched Runway Walk Goes Viral

Screenshot via Instagram @leondame

Flail, but then make it fashion.

Walking in heels is hard. Ask any young girl or gay man just trying on a pair for the first time. It’s definitely an experience and skill that has to be worked on. But is there a method to make that strut and struggle your own? One male model certaining found a way.


Leon Dame is a model from Germany who has worked with several labels such as Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Gucci, Valentino, and Bottega Veneta. But, possibly the biggest moment in his career happened this Wednesday when he stomped his way across the runway for Maison Margiela during Paris Fashion Week.

As Dame later told Vogue, the moment was preplanned. Though, he didn’t know it would become the viral sensation and Fashion Week gossip that it is now.


“I already had something on my mind, but I worked it out during the rehearsals with Pat Boguslawski the night before the show,” Dame explained.

And it turns out, that walk fit perfectly into the theme of the collection.

“The overall theme and message of this collection is one of hope, being inspired by these amazing characters. Witnessing the very breakdown of the moral fiber of society, the trivialization of democracy and the European Union… Isn’t this what they fought for, for peace? I love this spirit of activism,” said designer John Galliano.

Even the fashion icon Anna Wintour found her attention pulled in by the now iconic walk.


Is this the next big dance or strut in the making?

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