Male Version Of Kiyoko’s ‘Curious’ Great To Watch But Misses The Original Point

Are we going to watch some remake of a song just because there are muscular men in tanks dancing around and kissing.  Well duh!

Jake Wilson — who released the Boy Version of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” — has released a brand new Boy Version of Hayley Kiyoko’s new single “Curious” starring Donald Romain

Let's watch below and see if we get the idea.



When Hayley Kiyoko released her new song "Curious," the first official single from her debut album EXPECTATIONS, I covered it on here, but it received so many weird and off-topic comments for mentioning how I related my own life to the video, I just took it down.

Here's Hayley's comment about the subject of the video.

"I'm so excited to launch my debut album with "Curious," says Kiyoko. "This song is all about self-respect and knowing when to walk away when someone you care about is playing games. The treatment I came up with for the video helps gets that point across in a fun and tongue-in-cheek way. I hope people connect with it and can't wait for everyone to see it!"

Self-respect and moving on … that's one point I didn't get from the boy version of 'Curious,' but then again, do us men know how to walk away?

Here's Hayley's original 'Curious' video. We'll watch the one with the boys because, hey, there's boys in it, but we also need to watch hers for the real message and correct follow-thru.







Hayley Kiyoko "Curious" | BOY VERSION with Donald Romain
Directed by JAKE WILSON | @jakewil

Starring DONALD ROMAIN | @donaldromain
with TYLER KIMBALL | @kimballtyler
and ALICE CARROLL JOHNSON | @alicethecarroll

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