Malia Civetz Arrives ‘Heels In Hand’ With Her New Single ‘Partied Out’

With the endlessly infectious single ‘Broke Boy’, Malia Civetz made a splash on the world of pop music, and had continued releasing music that not only thrilled her devoted fanbase, but laid out the groundwork of who Civetz truly is as an artist. Her latest EP Heels In Hand showcases Civetz at her pitch-perfect best, and that includes the single ‘Partied Out.’ The gloriously anthemic single is Civetz at her infectious pop/dance best, and the video includes RuPaul’s Drag Race favorites Jackie Cox, Yuhua Hamasaki, and Laganja Estranja, as well as Los Angeles drag favorite Rhea Litre, all of whom are giving us a dose of the individuality that we’ve grown to love from them. 


Civetz spoke with me exclusively about the origin of ‘Partied Out’, as well as crafting the video:

“I heard a track that my roommate was making from the other room and I said, “what’s that?!” We brought the beginnings of that track in to the next writing session we had over Zoom, and the song ‘Partied Out’ was born.” 

As for the video, might Civetz be manifesting her music to be a future ‘Lip Sync For Your Life’ track? She says:

“When I was watching the current season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, I was thinking how perfect ‘Partied Out’ would be as a lip sync song at the end of an episode, so we tried to capture that in the video!”


As for drag performers themselves, Civetz have been an endless influence in her own career, with her telling me:

“Drag performers have inspired me to be the most creative and free version of myself. I respect their artistry and commitment to being the truest version of themselves.” 


As for the new EP, Civetz teases what the fans can expect from the next package of sure to be summer anthems:

“Fans can expect to go on the journey of looking for and losing love, with me. I’m inspired by so many different styles of music and I tried to incorporate a lot of them into this EP.”

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