Maluma And Ricky Martin Teamed Up For A New MV

Screenshot via YouTube @Maluma

Maluma is back and this time he’s got the support of gay icon Ricky Martin. The two singing stars joined together to create a Baywatch-inspired music video for the song “No Se Me Quinta.”

The song comes off of Maluma’s album 11:11 and talks about having an amazing night with a special someone who’s taken over his heart and mind. To express that message, the video sees Maluma trying to get the attention of a life guard… by drowning. The singer pretends to be in trouble, with Martin helping out by calling the lifeguard over, in order to see that classic Baywatch run.


The fun video, which was shot in Miami, Florida, was directed by Nuno Gomes. And despite our excitement to see the team up, it isn’t the first time that Malum and Martin have released a song together. The two have previously worked on the song “Vente Pa’ Ca.”

But back to this new single and music video, you can watch it down below.

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  1. Can you tell me why you find it necessary to use the term ” gay icon ” when describing Ricky Martin ? Would you call Sting a” heterosexual icon ?”. I don’t see the need to refer to a persons sexual preference when describing a music video . One has nothing to do with the other.


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