‘Mama’s Family’ Celebrates 35th Anniversary Today on LOGO!

One of the most iconic sitcoms to come out of the 80's has to be Mama's Family, which starred the hilarious Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper as she and her spinster sister Fran open their home to Thelma's recently divorced son Vinton and his teenage son and daughter.

The hysterical sitcom, which was a spinoff from The Carol Burnett Show, celebrates its 35th anniversary since first premiering in 1983, and LOGO is celebrating that milestone in a big way by airing a 35-episode marathon of the show!

The network will air some of Mama's Family's funniest episodes, as well as video commentary from some of our favorite RuPaul's Drag Race queens including Katya, Alyssa Edwards and Ginger Minj. As if the show isn't funny enough, it will be interesting to see what hilarity comes from those three as well as they will be dressed up like the cast. 

Tune into LOGO today for the Mama's Family marathon, and for more information, click here

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