Man Accused Of Purposefully Spreading HIV Says He Wanted To Cure Himself By Drinking His Urine

Daryll Rowe is in the news again and this time its because he thought urine was the cure to HIV.

Daryll Rowe, from Edinburgh, is currently on trial for allegedly infecting several male partners that he met on Grindr with HIV on purpose.

While the current court case is focused on whether or not Rowe purposefully infected five men, who’ve chosen to remain anonymous, with the virus between October 2015 and December 2016, the conversation took a weird turn.

Prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC spoke to the jury that Daryll Rowe was skipping on prescribed treatment for his HIV. He was refusing antiretroviral drugs that would have made him less contagious.

“He was warned he could be prosecuted for passing [HIV] on or even putting someone at risk of contracting HIV from him,” Carberry told the court, according to The Guardian.

Rowe then told the jurors that he doesn’t remember ever being told his disease was highly infectious or that he could later be charged for spreading it.

On top of that, he also added that he believed if he stayed a vegan and drank his own urine, he would be able to cure his HIV.

Of course, the prosecutor had to press further on that statement. She said that the idea that drinking urine would cure him was “nonsense” in explaining why he went out of his way to infect other men.

Rowe then said, “Why would I do it every single day if I thought it was nonsense?”

“Because you didn’t want to treat this infection, for whatever reason,” Carberry replied.

“I wanted to cure it,” Rowe struck back, “I thought I was curing it.”

This is just the latest development in the trial over Daryll Rowe who is charged with purposefully tampering with condoms in order to infect five of his fromer male parters with HIV.

The trial is ongoing and is expected to continue well into November.

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