Man Attacks Girlfriends 9-Yr-Old & Calls Him Gay

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A Scottish man is facing “serious punishment” after he hit a nine-year-old boy for being “a gayboy.”

According to the Irvine Times, Craig Stodden attacked a young boy, the son of his girlfriend, on the chest on December 7, 2018. Stodden was visiting the home of his girlfriend and the child at the time.


As prosecutor Vicky McMillian recounts, “[Stodden] shouted at the boy ‘get the f*ck out of here’. This caused the boy to cry. The accused bent down to him and shouted ‘Why the f*ck are you crying?’ and then struck him to the chest.”

After hitting the boy, the child fell down to the ground and the mother entered the room. The mother told Stodden to leave the boy alone, but he refused. Instead, Stodden started yelling at the crying boy and calling him “a p**sy,” a “gayboy” and “a homosexual.” Stodden then told the child to “Get the f**k out. I don’t want to you in this house anymore.” Again, the house did not belong to Stodden.

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The boy relented and stood outside in the rain without shoes or a jacket. Some passerby in a car stopped upon seeing the boy and asking if he wanted shelter from the rain. The boy relented. Then Stodden came outside looking for the boy. Stodden asked the car driver if they’d seen the boy and was apparently unaware of the child sitting in the backseat.


After seeing Stodden’s belligerence, the car driver asked the child if he knew Stodden. Cleverly, the child said no. The driver then took the boy to the local police station.

Later on, the mother called the police to report her missing son, and the authorities informed her of his location. Police also later arrested Stodden after seeing the bruising from where he had punched the child.

As Sheriff Elizabth McFarlane, who will be sentencing Stodden said:

“I was just thinking there must have been a very good reason for you to behave like this, but I can’t think of any reason why you would say that to this boy. The impact on that young boy will probably be lifelong. I’m glad I’m not sentencing you today. I’m glad I will have three weeks to reflect.”

As for the sentencing, Stodden will be facing it on October 23, 2019.

Source: Irvine Times

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