Man Charged With Beating Gay Couple With Chair Says He’s The ‘Real Victim’


With the past two years being full of video proof of crimes, does someone actually have the balls to say they didn't do it when there is actual video proof that led to his capture?  Yep, there is and we're not impressed. I guess I would not be a good jury member.

Bayna El-Amin claims he was set up to look like a ‘homophobic hate criminal.’

A man who has been charged with attacking two gay people with a chair in a restaurant claims that he only did it because he “feared for his life.”  A video emerged of the attack earlier this year, featuring a gay couple having a wooden chair smashed over their heads in a New York City restaurant.

The couple, Ethan York-Adams and Jonathan Snipes, say they were targeted in Dallas BBQ on Tuesday evening at around 11pm.  They said they were victims of the attack based on their sexuality.  After being hit repeatedly, the couple are then thrown to the ground and kicked by their attacker, who uses anti-gay slurs and then smashes them over the head with the chair.  The couple, according to reports, had knocked over a drink leading to the attack.  Snipes said they were called “white faggots”, and that one of his teeth was knocked loose in the attack.

However, their attacker, Bayna El-Amin, claims the pair set him up and his “only crime was to be a man of colour wrongly accused by his attacker, a privileged white man.”  El-Amin, who is also gay, says he plans to sue the pair over their “false claims” after he says they “destroyed his life.”

In a complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, El-Amin claims he was attacked by Snipes first and has been wrongly labeled a “homophobic hate criminal.”  He says he feared for his life during the incident and was “left with no choice,” but to throw the chair “at his attackers, knocking them to the ground and giving plaintiff time safely to retreat from his attackers by walking out of the restaurant.”  El-Amin also claims that the video of the attack was edited, and that Snipes lies have destroyed his life.  After the video went viral, he claims he was left “completely isolated and ostracised from society” and had to go into hiding after receiving death threats.

He is seeking damages for assault and battery against Snipes and York-Adams, negligence against the restaurant, and defamation against several witnesses to the attack.

Watch a video of the attack below – beware, the video contains scenes which may upset some viewers. –



I'm always cautious about videos that are leaked on the web when it comes to who did what to whom and why.  I ask, well, what happened before the camera was turned on and what happened just after.  There's always something the camera lense misses, but I'm not sure about this one.  Or are we on the side of the victims since the response by the defendant was so violent?

What are your thoughts Instincters?  Both sides are gay. Do we stand back and recite "innocent until proven guilty," or do we let the video speak for itself?




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  1. It appeared the ‘victim’ provoked a fight while the bigger guy, El-Amin was seated — like he threw something. He clearly looked like he started the assault. I must say the smaller guy had balls facing down a guy who looked like he had a foot over him. I don’t know what transpired to provoke this confrontation. I doubt the smaller guy just decided to mess with this El-Amin. However, El-Amin had every right to defend himself. From there it just escalated. The reason we’re even talking about this, the final blow with the chair over the head did seem excessive. I mean El-Amin could have easily been facing murder charges with a weapon like that. This is what happens when cooler heads DON’T prevail.

    • Regarding his claim he did it for he “feared for my life” is laughable. He did it out of sheer malice and vengeance — getting in his last licks. Right afterwards he calmly walked out of the restaurant. I doubt he’ll fare well before ANY judge.

      • Truthfully when I initially saw the thumbnail, the name and appearance of the suspect, El-Amin and the headline, I was thinking this was a homophobic attack with religious overtones. Having seen the video and read accounts, I’m not sure I would classify this as a hate crime.

  2. Omg…He is a lier…feel
    Omg…He is a lier…feel sorry for the couple..hope they put him in jail for a very long time…such a thug he is. ..His face himself..can tell us that he is evil.

  3. It’s so easy to blame it on

    It's so easy to blame it on the bigger black guy. They crossed they line and he crossed it for them. Typical white gay male


  4. Typical angry gay black male
    Typical angry gay black male that is still ashamed of his gayness and anything or anyone that reminds him of his own feminine side. Such a common, cliché, MF!

  5. The attacker is furiously
    The attacker is furiously attacking the victims and physically harm them ..he’s not defending himself ..he’s a violent thug..

  6. If he would have used the

    If he would have used the chair when the whole fight was happening I could believe he was defending him self but the guys are already sitting down trying to calm down and he just savagely attacked them! 

  7. If someone hits my boyfriend
    If someone hits my boyfriend like that it would be the las thing that he will hit, becouse after that i would left him with no arms

  8. He attacked then while they

    He attacked then while they were trying to sit alone, he wasn't in fear for his life while they held one another to comfort one another. He's rude, and he's mean, and he's less than a Man. He needs to be sentenced, lock him up and throw away the key. I fear for the lives of others.

  9. The attacker has a record

    The attacker has a record longer than a skyscraper – he's a dangerous criminal that needs to be incarcerated 

  10. guilty! He had plenty of

    guilty! He had plenty of opportunities to leave the scene if he was really in fear for his life but video shows that he attacked and attacked. I hope justice is served!


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