Man Claims Chemsex Hookup Planted Indecent Child Images!

Man Claims Chemsex Hookup Planted Indecent Child Images!

“The Chemsex scene is at epidemic proportions.”

The stories regarding risky sex are coming out of the woodwork today. I describe a party as a social gathering that mostly consists of friends, some finger foods, fun throwback music, and some cute boys. I’ll also throw a bet that ten times out of ten, clothes are kept on at all of the parties I’ve been too. However, there are some, ahem, parties that may be entirely different from what you and I have in mind. Have you heard of Chemsex parties? These parties consist of risky, raunchy sex for extended periods of time and a heavy involvement of drugs: mainly GHB, crack cocaine, and crystal meth. Allegedly, the high you get from these drugs will put you in a state of euphoria that causes you not to finish and enjoy your time. A party? Perhaps. Dangerous? Definitely.

According to Gay Star News, one – or many – of these Chemsex parties almost had one man arrested for indecent images of children. A former top lawyer for London-based Barclays and JP Morgan, Tim Varchmin, was on trial for having the images on his laptop and other devices after his internet provider tipped off police. When police raided his home, they not only found the images but also crystal meth. Varchmin only admitted to having used GHB in the past; he was clueless to the other drugs and inappropriate images.

Allegedly, Varchmin claims that he and his former boyfriend were both diagnosed with a drug resistant strain of HIV. After his diagnoses – or “life changing event” – he came to terms with his status by having an aggressive sex life; as concerns of contracting HIV were no longer in existence. He would throw a few Chemsex parties a week where he would engage in unprotected sex with an undisclosed amount of men via hookup apps. Varchmin believes during one of these parties is when someone accessed his devices to look up the child pornography.

Eventually, a jury took three hours to deliberate and sided with him. Varchmin was announced as not guilty for downloading the images.

Good lord! I had goosebumps reading and sharing this story. Chemsex is dangerous, yet so often presented…especially on dating apps. I was literally just questioning if dating apps have made our society sleazy. I’m certainly leaning one way on this topic. Whenever I check a dating app, especially late at night or even early in the morning, I’m propositioned to participate in Chemsex – nicknamed PNP. It’s a little scary that this is all going on too close to home. I think we all need to do some clear screenings before heading over to someone’s apartment in the future.

Do you believe one of Varchmin’s Chemsex party guests was looking at child porn – or do you feel there’s more to the story?

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