Man of the Cloth Denies Stuffing Anti-Gay Note Down Manager’s Shirt

A Florida waiter and manager were bothered by an anti-gay minister who says “I can say whatever I want!” / Screenshot via YouTube @WhatWouldYouDo?

A Florida man was sent to jail for disrupting the public with his sexist and anti-gay views.

According to the Naple Daily News, 62-year-old Frederic Sterry Smith of St. Auguestine, a minister and president of non-profit Servant’s Heart Disaster Relief, was charged with simple battery on Saturday after he bothered the staff and customers of a local restaurant.

Smith and a woman had finished eating at Milagro on 12 Latin Kitchen, when he decided to make a joke of his male waiter. Instead of writing down a tip on the receipt, Smith wrote “If he wasn’t gay.” The male server then showed the receipt to his manager, and she walked outside the establishment to confront the couple.

Image via the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

When the manager asked Smith if he really wrote the note on the check, he said yes and then snatched the bill from her hands. After ripping the receipt up, Smith grabbed the manager’s collar, pulled it open, and shoved the torn check down her shirt. She then yelled assault as Smith drove away.

According to police, witnesses at the restaurant provided an ample description and Smith was tracked down within the hour. When police tried to question Smith, be allegedly became verbally abusive and angry.

“I can say whatever I want, to whoever I want!” said Smith, according to a police report.

While Smith and his female companion tried to deny touching the 21-year-old manager, she and several witnesses confirmed the story.

Smith was then arrested and charged for the misdemeanor of simple battery. His bond was set t $500 and he was released this past Sunday. A hearing is being scheduled for the future.

Sources: Naples Daily News, Fox News, News Week

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  1. These christians that follow Jesus because we all know Jesus was a violent and hateful person that told everyone to hate one another.


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