Man Touched By Rainbow Flag Support By Neighbors

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One Manchester man got a wonderful surprise in the form of rainbow-colored support from his surrounding neighbors.

According to the Herald Publicist, 31-year-old Alex Hancock was the target of homophobic ridicule. Hancock decided to hang a rainbow flag outside the window of his house in the Outdated Trafford area, and was bothered about it just a few hours later. Two passerby started yelling anti-gay slurs at the man while he loaded his car with items.

Hancock says that one of the two younger men threatened to kill him after he told them to shape up and stop this aggressive interaction.

“I stated they need to educate themselves and that they need to depart this neighbourhood,” shared Hancock to The Manchester Evening News.

“Then one of them started walking towards me. He said he was going to batter me and kill me.”

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

Afterward, Hancock shared his experience on Facebook, and he then, thankfully, received several messages of love and requests to help. Then, Hancock’s neighbors started a display of support for the man.

“It began with one among my neighbours, Liz, who responded to the unique e-mail letting them know what had occurred,” he explained.

“She was appearing in solidarity and was placing up a flag anyway and stated she would put in an order for some extra flags and it simply spiralled from there.”

“The community is just very accepting, open and diverse and they wanted to put two fingers up to the haters.”

Now, Hancock will be preparing for the LGBTQ-inlcusive Manchester Delight festival with a heart full of joy.

“I hope the message from that is that Delight and the rainbow flag usually are not unique, they’re inclusive and for everybody.”

“I will be celebrating this weekend and this has reminded me of how far things have come and how lucky we are. I can’t think about this occurring 20 years in the past.”

“Despite that, we can’t take it with no consideration, significantly within the divisive political local weather now we have right this moment.”

“The visibility of the rainbow flag is really important. There might be someone out there who is not able to be their true selves and I think by seeing the flag out there it may give them that courage.”

Sources: Herald Publicist, Manchester Evening News, Metro

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