Man Who Purposefully Spread HIV Sentenced To Life In Prison

The man who purposefully spread HIV is going to prison for life.

A British man named Darryl Rowe had been found guilty of five counts of Grievous bodily harm and five counts of attempted GBH. He infected at least five people and tried to infect at least ten within the time frame of October 2015 and January 2016. 

As if purposefully infecting gay men wasn’t enough, Rowe took pleasure in terrorizing them after the fact.

One victim alleged that Rowe sent crude and cruel text messages to him after they had sex like, “Maybe you have the fever cos I came inside you and I have HIV, lol. Whoops!”

When Rowe was convicted as guilty, many people celebrated.

The Chief Exectuive of the National AIDs Trust said:

“People living with HIV should not be avoided, feared or discriminated against, even when it comes to sex and dating.”

“Well over 100,000 people are living with HIV in the UK, and the vast majority of them cannot pass on the virus to others due to effective medication – this is something most people don’t realize, unfortunately.”

“The Rowe case is the first of its kind in the UK, and is an exceptionally rare thing to encounter. To intentionally transmit HIV is a deplorable crime, one could only commit by avoiding one’s own crucial treatment. Our thoughts are with the victims in this case.”

Also, Detective Inspector Andy Wolstenholme said:

“It will bring some closure to the victims who have been very strong and supportive through the investigation.”

He added: “The victims have demonstrated real strength of character in speaking out about this, and because of this strength and the hard work of the detectives, staff and partners working on the case, a dangerous man, who betrayed the trust of many men, will now be imprisoned.”

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6 thoughts on “Man Who Purposefully Spread HIV Sentenced To Life In Prison”

  1. It is so cruel spread IHV the

    It is so cruel spread IHV the gay community has a lot of issues now and this kind of behavior makes evento more difficult to achieve equality and even in gay community this males more difficult to trust among us. This is so sad and cruel.

  2. Although I did not see the

    Although I did not see the first opinion (a few weeks ago) you speak of, maybe the difference in opinion here is due to the fact "Rowe –purposefully was infecting gay men". But if the article a few weeks back was defending this type of behavior then I see your point.

  3. Didn’t Instinct post an

    Didn’t Instinct post an article a few weeks ago saying that those who spread HIV shouldn’t be criminalized? Y’all need to pick a side.

    • Yeahhh, but that was in

      Yeahhh, but that was in america. if you paid closer attention, you'd notice this story and happenings is from the UK. Not the US. laws are different. 


      • Attention was paid, but it

        Attention was paid, but it doesn’t change the fact that Instinct supported an article saying it shouldn’t be criminalized. Country doesn’t matter. For instance due you only believe in women’s equality should I take that as you only mean it for your country or that you mean it globally?

        • Like you one, two, or three

          Like you one, two, or three or Anonymous commentors here, Instinct  is not just one singular voice for we have about 8 contributing writers.  We write about and support differing sides, dislike and like topics within our ranks, and share stories we are personally interested in sharing.  You will find differing opinions within our staff and they share them on here, like you are doing.  When our writers are voicing their opinions, they are required to make sure their name appears on the post.  If they are just sharing news without sharing opinions, they can use the name Instinct Staff. 


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