Manila Luzon Drops New Video For “That’s A Man, Maury” Featuring Willam

As we come down from crowning a new Drag Race SUPERSTAR from Ru Paul's Drag Race and we go gaga over RuPaul's Drag Race Receiving An Emmy Nomination for Best Reality Show, it's very pleasurable to look back on some of the superstars that have been created by, given a stage, risen to success and left in the dust from being on RPDR. Some of the queens have done better than others right from the starting line.  Some didn't even get a glimpse of the finish line and have never been seen again. 

We all have our favorites, may they be the ones that returned to their home bars and entertainment venues (ain't nothing wrong with that!) or the ones that have escalated into having television and movie rolls. My favorites live all across the success board.

One that I have found to be a constant drag force has been Manila Luzon.  I enjoy her, because she seems real.  I hope that's not an insult, but I appreciate how open and honest she appears to be as Karl or Manila. I think it's also good that I can relate to her humor.

What does Wikipedia say about the drag superstar?

 Manila Luzon (born Karl Philip Michael Westerberg; August 10, 1981) is an American drag queen and reality television personality. She is best known as the runner-up of the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Her name is a play on words of the capital city (Manila) and the largest island (Luzon) of the Philippines, where her mother was born. Her father is an American of German and Swedish ancestry. Luzon is a native of Minnesota and resides in Los Angeles. – wikipedia

They go on to say more about her time on MTV, Drag U, and her music career. And her music is what made me want to write this little blurb. She recently released Manila Luzon — "That's A Man, Maury" featuring Willam and dropped the new music video today.  

A nod to the Maury Povich Show that started in 1991, Manila describes her ideal man, one that most likely would not end up on Maury's stage.



Another one of my favorites, Willam, makes an appearance, mall hair and all. Also, we get a glimpse of Laith Ashley being fingered by Willam as one of the men on stage.  There are many others that make their presence known as part of some of the outrageous Maury TV Show skits (see below).

Manila Luzon, thanks for keeping it real and being you.  We wish you continued success and can't wait for more. 

My "I heart Tel Aviv" shirt may need to have some company soon in my fun drawer.  I'd look okay in that kind of drag attire.



Yes, this runner up for the third season of RPDR is doing quite fine without the crown. She's even selling herself goods, shirts, and other things on her shop link over at .

Keep up the great work Manila.  When you're in Fort Lauderdale, say hello. Until then, we'll have to keep getting a taste of you by subscribing to your YouTube channel, Manila Luzon.


"That's A Man, Maury" featuring Willam
©2017 Pink Money Records

Starring: Manila Luzon
Featuring: Willam
Beauty Shop Girls: Melissa Brown, KiKi Xtravaganza, Shannon McDowell, Tia Janeine
Manila's Man: Jaquez Sims
Slutty Grandma: Penny Peyrot
Grandkids: Carson Stanley, Maddie Marsh, Sophie Belle Nessary
Bagel Lover: Melissa Brown
Bagel Lover's Lover: Timothy Willy
Jug Momma: Arisce Wanzer
Jug Momma's Boys: Dalton Phillips, Laith Ashley
Tooth Boy Cheater: Calix Quan
Tooth Boy Finder: Nickoles Alexander
Tooth Boy Mistress: Matt Ironwood
Naked Boy: Cory Z
Naked Boy's Mom: Petra Stanley
Slutty Gay Boy: Austin Wallis @theaustinwallis
Slutty Gay Boy's Sister: Natalie Garnica
Slutty Gay Boy's Sister's Boyfriend: Joey Gentile @joey.gentile
Slutty Girl: Cake Moss
Slutty Girl's F*ck Buddy #1: Marvin Brown
Slutty Girl's F*ck Buddy #2: Evan Michael Lee
Asian Baby: Gia Gunn
Diaper Boy: Brandon Wilde
Diaper Boy's Brother: Tyler Booth
Diaper Boy's Mom: Dylan Shango
Liar: Bryce Willard Smith
Liar's Girlfriend: Tia Janeine
Tan Dad: Andrew Gruver
Tan Dad's Son: Cory Lee
Barbie: Barbie's Addiction
Ken: Mikey Cabrera
Pet Boy: Trey Marshall
Pet Boy Boyfriend: Daniel Plotner
Dancer: Dexter Mayfield
Sally Jesse Rafael: Shut Up Chanel Perrillo

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