Man’s Package Gets Him Accused Of Shoplifting – Whips it Out To Clear His Name

Photos: Pixabay

A British man with a rather big willy (allegedly), claims he was accused of stealing from a clothing store when a female manager mistook a massive bulge in his pants for merchandise, which she surmised he was attempting to smuggle out of the store.

According to UK news source, The Sun, Window fitter Steve Whitehurst, 47, ultimately bared his oversized appendage to prove his innocence. The incident happened while Whitehurst was out shopping at Scotts Mens­wear with his girlfriend, Mandy Shenton, and his 18-month-grandson. Whitehurst shares that he was in-fact wearing very tight jeans that day, which accentuated his big bulge, but he’s also unapologetic, telling the paper, “I can’t help the way I’m made.”


Things escalated to the manager literally asking Whitehurst what was he hiding in his pants as she noticed the large protrusion in his crotch. Shocked by the question and somewhat annoyed, Whitehurst dropped his pants right there on the spot, revealing his boxer shorts and declaring he had nothing to hide.

Reportedly this did little to convince the manager of his innocence, and that led Whitehurst to accompany a male security guard behind a secluded cubical where he whipped out his truth, in the flesh. The store manager still seemed accusatory even after the security guard confirmed that Whitehurst was, in fact, a big boy.

Store associates and a rep from its parent company released a statement saying they were justified for questioning Whitehurst. By their account, the big bulge was just the tip of the matter; he was also “acting suspiciously,” picking up and dropping items repeatedly and peculiarly handling the merchandise.

You can head on over to The Sun to see pics of Whitehurst’s impressive imprint as well as the look of terror on his girlfriend’s face as she holds up a 12-inch ruler to explain the size of her man’s member. Oh, Mandy!

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