Manu Rios Expresses a Beautiful Representation of “Balance”

‘Elite’ sensation Manu Rios has continuously proven how multi-talented he is, may it be in acting, singing, modeling, and even taking photos that are undeniably Instagram worthy.

As of this writing, the 23-year-old Spanish actor has gained 11 million Instagram followers, and he certainly doesn’t deprive them of his life updates in the form of posts, stories and reels.

In fact just recently, Rios showed his artistic and sentimental side in an Instagram reel that beautifully expressed “balance,” which is the English translation of his Spanish caption: “equilibrio.”

He captured video clips of friends hanging out, children climbing on rock formations and having fun, as well as what seems to be a couple spending a peaceful time by the beach. Rios was also briefly shown in the reel, and all of those beautiful scenes flashed through with the background song “Fourth of July” by Sufjan Stevens.

The video seems to be expressing the “balance” of life, as watching it invoked a sentimental perspective on the mundane things encountered in the beach. Of course, his followers were also moved by the reel, and they left positive words of support and admiration in the comments section.

Rios is truly full of surprises, and we have yet to see more of what he has to offer in an upcoming Western short film entitled ‘Strange Way of Life’ directed by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.

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