Manu Rios Finally Addresses the News About Him Leaving ‘Elite’

Manu Rios recently discovered what most people are searching about him on Google, and it ranges from surreal to practically understandable.


The 23-year-old Spanish actor and singer started off by expressing,

“It scares me a little, but here we go.”

And then his most viral Google searches were revealed one-by-one, including the surreal ones:

“What is Manu Rios? Does Manu Rios have children? Are Manu Rios and Carla Díaz siblings? How to dress like Manu Rios?”


Of course, there were searches about his upcoming project with Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar in the short Western film ‘Strange Way of Life,’ starring Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal.

“Who was going to tell me that years later I would work with him… What are the chances of being born in the same town and then coincide in your career with a director like that?,” Rios shared about his feelings on working with the award-winning director.


Him and Almodóvar are both from the town of Castile-La Mancha with just over 3,800 inhabitants. Furthermore, the actor also finally addressed a question that ‘Elite’ viewers have been asking after watching the latest season, which is:

“[Is] Season 6 of ‘Elite’ the last appearance of Manu Rios in the Netflix series?”

And to that, Rios told Fotogramas:

“I believe that everything that begins has its end.”


He continued,

“As an actor you want to do different things, and although ‘Elite’ has been an incredible experience and I am very grateful for everything it has brought, there are also times when it is necessary to move on from the stage, change the page and do other things.”


Despite the sad news for ‘Elite’ viewers, the actor did not completely shut his door from reprising his character as Patrick Blanco Commerford. He confirmed that for now, Patrick has bid farewell to Las Encinas, but he also noted that the future holds a lot of possibilities.

“But who knows, life takes many turns and the same suddenly in another season… But, for now, season 6 is the closure of my character,” Rios stated.

‘Elite’ Season 6 is now available for streaming on Netflix.


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