Marc Jacobs is Cleaning Fashion House and Letting Staffers Go

It's a fashion "House of Cards" love (Alan Cumming on Sex and the City)!  Page Six is reporting that famed fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who made waves earlier this month by proposing to his fiance inside a Chipotle, has been letting multiple staffers go recently.

This includes John Targon, who joined the company to reportedly build out the label’s lower-priced goods.  According to WWD, he's only been with the brand for two months.

One insider claims that Jacobs dismissed Targon and his entire staff, whereas another insider claims that he's also gotten rid of his shoe-design staff.  Talk about a spring cleaning.

Targon, who is the cofounder and creative director of Baja East, began on February 2nd as "creative director of contemporary" for Marc Jacobs.  His role with the company, however, was "murkily defined" according to Page Six

A source claimed that Jacobs recent engagement at Chipotle to fiance Charly Defrancesco has shifted his focus on the brand that he built.  The source claimed that he's “on a kick after getting engaged and is super positive. He was having issues and wasn’t super involved . . . Now he is getting back into gear and taking the reins.” 

Regarding Targon, it may have been a case of two egos clashing to explain why he got the boot. “It was a difference in vision. It seemed like it came down to a control thing with Marc, and there wasn’t space for another star. It’s been hard for everyone," a source claimed.

Another source claimed that he let his entire shoe staff go after they presented some new designs to him.  “He met with them last week . . . He sold an underwhelming amount of shoes last year.”  Ouch. 



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