Marcia Brady…Uh…Maureen McCormick Feels Part Of The Gay Community

Maureen McCormick, 61, played Marcia Brady on ABC’s The Brady Bunch from 1969-1974. I caught up with her at the recent Vanguard Awards, the biggest annual fundraiser for LA’s LGBT Center, which was held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

The evening’s host was LGBTQ ally Jimmy Kimmel, who got a standing ovation when he arrived onstage, interpreted by many for his outspoken critiques of the Republicans’ continued attempts to repeal Obamacare.

Q: You are here at the Vanguard Awards…because?

Maureen McCormick: When I got the invitation, I was, like, of course. Oh, I feel such a part of this community. [Note: She emphasized the “Oh,” like OHHHHHHH…….! So you know she really, really feels like a part of the LGBTQ community.]

Most people here tonight want to see social change, equal rights for everybody. What kind of social change would you like to see, if you could wave a magic wand…?

[She pauses] It sounds so cliché, and stupid, but just peace within people’s hearts and…in their souls. And just loving, loving, loving.

How would that change society in your view?

In every way. Love is the greatest thing there is, right?

It’s a scary time. There’s a lot of fear, lots of vicious things being spewed from both sides. If that continues…you have to break that. And talk in love for another person to hear.

Sounds like you’re talking about being able to have a dialogue.

That’s a huge thing…opening up the dialogue.

I have friends, who are Republicans. I’m a Democrat who grew up in a very liberal household. But I respect them, too. I really think we need to start listening and having dialogue. And that’s very tricky. Because people right away get [defensive].

Everyone needs to go to a lot of therapy and learn how to do that. Because it’s an art. It’s really hard.

My husband and I have spent 33 years learning to celebrate our differences and to really listen to each other. It’s very hard to do if you just want everything your way or the high way. I think that through communication, really, really good communication, where we’re not trying to win…that people can come together.

[Then she turns the tables, and asks me!]

Do you?

Me: Well, I think dialogue is hard. It reminds me of how many friends I have lost on Facebook because I got angry.


Remember, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia is always right. It's just one reason why The Brady Bunch was such a hit.


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