Margaret Cho Learned About Gay Men At A Very Young Age.

We all have those dog eared experiences in our life when we can recall those first aspects of sexual development.  Some of us knew we were gay before we knew what straight was.  Others of us found out at 8 years old when that cute little red headed freckled boy sat next to you on the school bus.  Or it could have been in the 7th grade when we saw the middle school's hockey goalie come out of the locker room shower.  Such good memories.

I don't recall my parents ever being a part of my sexual development process.  Margaret Cho had a different experience with her parents when she was 7 or 8 and involved a gay porn magazine.



At 7 or 8 years old? And A$$ Masters as a visual aid?  Was that too young?

What age is the right age to learn about sexuality?

I actually miss Margaret Cho and her humor.  Last time I saw her on a national platform was on the 2015 Golden Globes. Luckily I have a couple of her comedy sets on my shuffle. But not everyone is a fan.  How does Margaret Cho deal with her haters?  And does she define herself as lesbian? bisexual?


I must reiterate her statement about her parents and how to help them deal with her sexuality.  "My attitude is Invite them into my life and let them handle it as they can."  Thank you Miss Cho for that.  It's how I've dealt with my parents, too.  You're a good role model and an excellent comedienne.  We just need to see more of you.

Miss Cho is also a singer.  Here is her newest song "Fat Pussy."  It's true to the Miss Cho I adore. provided this disclaimer:  "Warning this music video may not be suitable for young children or mature audiences, so proceed with caution."




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  1. I don’t get this hag. Her

    I don't get this hag. Her humor is unintelligent and not funny. She gloms onto gay men to keep herself relevant. She's the loud obnoxious girl in the gay bar that everyone avoids. 


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