Mariah Carey Forgets ‘Auld Lang Syne’ Lyrics While Ringing in 2021

Credit: Mariah Carey Instagram

The New Year’s Eve queen is back! Mariah Carey created another viral moment while singing “Auld Lang Syne” after the New Year began on January 1.

The Long Island native looked gorgeous in a sparkly top with her curly brown hair cascading down both her shoulders as she belted out the classic holiday song on her Instagram page.



“Should auld acquaintance be forgot / And never brought to mind / Should auld acquaintance be forgot,” she sang with her iconic hand waving in the air before admitting, “I don’t know how it goes.” LOL!

She then battled through another line before again dropping the ball and saying, “Never could pronounce it properly.” 


The 50-year-old ended her video on a high note after impressing us with her voice & making us laugh simultaneously by wishing all her followers a Happy New Year. “Let’s hope for better, better days, in 2021 and beyond.”

We of course can’t forget the memorable performance she did in the middle of Times Square on NYE four years ago. Here’s a reminder below: 

Yep, all of that happened. It caused headline news overnight and the days after as some questioned why the hell she was behaving that way onstage while others simply enjoyed the campiness from one of music’s most legendary divas. 


Meanwhile that, um, person she “doesn’t know” Jennifer Lopez did things a little differently on NYE last night by performing a medley of songs in New York City.

She stood above everyone around her in an over-the-top ensemble that was nothing short of eye-catching to witness before taking it off and stunning in a silvery jacket and pants combo.

The Bronx native belted out a ton of tracks during her 8 + minute show that included Aerosmith‘s “Dream On” (at the 5:15 mark) and her iconic single “Waiting For Tonight”. 


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